1-   What is “Mekdar” diet? What does the name stand for?

“Mekdar” diet is a medical dietary approach to manage and treat weight conditions and their related medical signs and symptoms, by following a specific diet, with much interest to estimating the approximate food volume. It is developed and pursued by Physician nutrition specialists and consultants. This dietary approach focuses on the patient's medical and dietary history, as well as medical investigations and activity levels.
The Name “Mekdar” is derived from the Arabic word مقدار , which means “a Measure”. This is because it focuses on quantifying the amount of food, by measuring its approximate volume.


2-   How is “Mekdar” diet different from other diet regimens?

“Mekdar” diet is an evolution of nutritional science, from the mere knowledge of nutrient elements and requirements and caloric content of food items, to the concept of using nutrition as a tool to prevent and treat weight problems, medical diseases and optimizing health.

“Mekdar” uses an innovative method to determine the accurate amount and type of food, through estimating the approximate food volume of the food type served. This replaces the need to know the calorie, recipe or weight of the food served. This also helps to make diet choices more variable and easy to know if it is appropriate or not.

“Mekdar” diet application on your mobile phone is a handy tool to estimate your food types and quantities, and to keep you on track with your diet.


3-   How much does it cost to join “Mekdar” diet Course?

It costs only $20 USD to start a 1  month  course. This includes 4 weeks of diet regimens, chat support, and reviewing medical investigations if available, Sharing short physical exercises videos, free use of “Mekdar” Mobile application and monitoring of your weight progress charts.


4-   How does the follow up process go on?

It’s a very easy process, just register your details, and start right away.

In your account page, your diet regimen will be uploaded, just follow the diet regimen, and at the end of the week, update the new weight and waist circumference  on your personal account at “Mekdar” website, this unlocks the next week diet regimen, and so on, till you finish your 1 months course.
You can communicate with us with the built-in Chat tool (to help keep your privacy), inquire about any detail in the diet or related topic.


5-    Is there a special type of Weight Scale and/or measuring tape recommended for use for the purpose of follow up?

Any digital accurate scale (that measures in units of Kilograms), which is appropriate to your weight will do the job.

It’s better to have a digital scale with is maximum weight range at least 10 kilograms higher than your current weight (e.g. if your current weight is 110 Kilograms, get a digital scale with a maximum bearable weight of at least 120 Kilograms). For the measuring flexible tape, it’s better that to have a graduation in units of centimeters, with a total length at least one and half meters.


6-   What if I need a special diet due to some reason?

No problem at all, we are very flexible and can manage your special diet very professionally. Just share any special diet request with “Mekdar” Build-in Chat tool and appropriate response will be taken.


7-   If I have a Special Medical Condition, or receive some medication, Will “Mekdar” Diet be suitable for me?

“Mekdar” is manager primarily by physicians, with their subspecialty in Nutrition, so the medical aspect is totally backed up, and much attention is directed towards this aspect. Just share any medical data with “Mekdar” Build-in Chat tool, and appropriate response will be taken.


8-   My Weight Loss is very slow, what can “Mekdar” do for me?

“Mekdar” has a lot of ways to test and trigger your weight loss. Testing your Basal Metabolic rate will be done from time to time, using special diet regimens. We may recommend some hormonal and/or biochemical investigations to help clarify your medical status. You’ll be guided to use special dietary supplements that would help boosting your weight loss, if needed. Finally, some specially designed short physical exercises would give remarkable results to your weight loss experience. 


9-   Is there any physical exercises needed with “Mekdar” diet?

Special short physical exercises videos will be shared by “Mekdar” team. These are not obligatory to do, but they enhance weight loss, and keep the body fit.


10-  Can I refund remaining fees after starting the course?

All payments are final. No refunds or exchanges.

After your payment, our team designs a special follow-up plan for you for the next 1- 3 months, prepare your weekly diets and a lot of other details. We recommend that you finish your purchased course, and you will be pleased with the result, that’s our promise.