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١٠ نصائح للتغلب على منحنى ثبات الوزن ... مع مقدار

10 tips to overcome Weight Loss Plateau - ١٠ نصائح للتغلب على منحنى ثبات الوزن

What is Weight Loss Plateau?

A Weight-loss plateau is a strange phenomenon that occurs when you remain at the same weight (with little up and down swings), for a long period of time, despite following a good diet and exercising. It can be considered as a phase of dieting, which happens with nearly every person doing diet for weight loss, for no obvious reason.

Let's assume you have been following the same diet and exercising daily for two hours. With that routine, you dropped ten Kilograms. You kept up that routine this week, but the scale didn't change. You followed all the instructions, but your weight didn't change. The likelihood of reaching a plateau increases with weight loss.


Mekdar Weight Loss Plateau


Plateaus are frustrating, of unknown duration and might be recurring every couple of months. A weight-loss plateau might be the rock that breaks the hope of ever reaching the desired weight


Why does a Plateau Happen?

Weight-loss plateau is probably a defense mechanism from the body, trying to stop wasting its mass, which is perceived by the body's natural process as something "going wrong"! Your body is very intelligent; it recognizes when you are attempting to deplete it, and will work against you, making weight loss more difficult.

Weight-loss plateau should be distinguished from “Slow Weight-Loss Mode” after a period of rapid weight loss, which is characterized by small steady weight loss at a much slower rate, raising suspicions about depleted vitamin or mineral stores, or wasted muscle mass.


How to overcome a Plateau?

This "Weight Loss Plateau" must be escaped and overpassed; else the weight will start rising again. You must deceive your body, and return to the fat-burning mode.

It is critical not to become frustrated with a plateau. Finding motivation to keep going and not falling back into old habits is the best thing to do. There are numerous ways to get away from them:

  1. Vary your diet as much as you can, for example: Increase your caloric intake for one week, and decrease it for another week, Turn vegetarian for one week, then High protein another week. Don't eat the same thing repeatedly.
  2. Alter your exercise routine. Try new classes or work on different muscles.
  3. Use a Multivitamin Multimineral Supplement daily.
  4. Drink more water! This is truly a magical solution.


  1. Have a cheat meal to boost your leptin levels, which will shock your metabolism and cause it to speed up.
  2. Try to relax, both physically and mentally.
  3. Socialize more and forget about your weight
  4. Concentrate more on the measuring tape. For a couple of weeks do not use the weight scale, just measure your neck, waist and hip circumferences.
  5. Try not having a snack for a couple of weeks, just eat two to three meals a day.
  6. Continue dieting and don’t give up for as long as it takes. 



Eventually the body will give in and actively start burning fat to deliver energy needed by the body's natural daily process 😊

Best wishes for health and wellness

      Dr. Waleed Foad

Physician Nutrition Consultant

Founder of Mekdar, LLC


MSc.Public Health in Nutrition.

MBBS, Alexandria University, Egypt

Facebook: Mekdar.diet

Instagram: mekdar_diet

Twitter: Mekdar_Diet

Waleed Foad

Dr. Waleed Foad

Physician Nutrition Consultant, For 15+ years

Master degree in Public Health, Majoring: Nutrition

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Alexandria University, Egypt.

Posted on
18 Jan 2023
Walaa Foula

Dr. Walaa Foula

Physician Nutrition Consultant, For 17+ years

Doctorate degree in Public Health, Majoring: Nutrition

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Alexandria University, Egypt.

Posted on
18 Jan 2023
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