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Medical Conditions slowing weight loss - الاسباب_الطبية_لبطء_نزول_الوزن

Most people know that eating less and doing more physical activity are the main keys to lose extra weight they have. But if you do that in an accurate way and you do not lose weight, and sometimes you gain extra kilograms, then maybe there is a hidden indicator that you have a health issue that stands in your way for reaching your ideal weight. These issues may hinder your efforts to lose weight, and a good medical consultation may solve the problem.

Health issues that prevent weight loss, and how to solve them:
1- Hypothyroidism:
In addition to no-weight loss, If you suffer from continuous fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, muscle and joint pain, laziness and feeling cold and depressed, then you may be suffering from decreased thyroid gland activity (Hypothyroidism).
2- Metabolic syndrome:
A case where the pancreas secretes extra insulin, which leads to more fat storage especially round the waist line.
Females may experience irregular menses, with increased hair growth on face and body (Hirsutism), acne, hair loss, delayed pregnancy and unexplained weight gain.

3- Hyperprolcatinemia:
Prolactin is a hormone, secreted in both males and females, from anterior pituitary gland, located at the lower front part of the brain.

4 – Using drugs that slow down weight loss:

Weight gain may be a side effect of some drugs, example some Antidepressants, Beta blockers, Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics, and drugs containing Cortisone or Estrogen.

5- Deficiency in Vitamins, Minerals, essential amino acids or fatty acids.

6- Mal-digestion or Allergy to some kind of food.

Good medical consultation, with careful personal and nutritional history taking and some lab investigations would solve this weight problem easily.

With my sincerest wishes for health and wellness.

Dr. Waleed Foad
Physician Nutrition Specialist
Founder of Mekdar, LLC
MSc.Public Health in Nutrition.
MBBS, Alexandria University, Egypt

Instagram: mekdar_diet
Twitter: Mekdar_Diet


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Waleed Foad

Dr. Waleed Foad

Physician Nutrition Consultant, For 15+ years

Master degree in Public Health, Majoring: Nutrition

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Alexandria University, Egypt.

Posted on
18 Dec 2019
Walaa Foula

Dr. Walaa Foula

Physician Nutrition Consultant, For 17+ years

Doctorate degree in Public Health, Majoring: Nutrition

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Alexandria University, Egypt.

Posted on
18 Dec 2019
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